About Us

Our story is neither long nor complicated.  It is the simple reality that hard work, persistence and patience pay great dividends.  S.K.LANG Products is a South Dakota-based company representing American values.  Our view is that high quality products still have a place in the 21st century marketplace.  Here are a few words from our founder and CEO:

We stand for quality. We believe that many products and services today can be better than they are, and when people experience something better, a little joy is created for them each time. We dream of a world in which healthy, joyful people do what they love and love what they do..

Quality that lasts for a lifetime!

Best Value for Our Customers!

S.K.LANG Products LLC is the creator, designer, manufacturer, owner and sole distributor of our Vida Alegría branded products which are sold primarily on Amazon.com. If you see our brand available from ANY other websites or sellers, the goods offered are either counterfeit or used. Our brand and trademarks are our exclusive property and they were designed specifically for us. You can count on our value and quality and our unique HASSLE FREE warranty ONLY when purchasing S.K.LANG Products and brands directly from us on Amazon.com. There are NO AUTHORIZED resellers.  Buyers beware!

Vida Alegría® brand, Vibrant Home® brand, and logos are Registered Trademarks

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